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Carbon Racing embodies the paramount of car culture, bringing together a diverse group of drivers, tuners, and enthusiasts dedicated to the innovation of personal automotive builds and the mentoring of next-generation competitive tuners and drivers.



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The Team

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Robert White

Robert established Carbon Racing in 2017. He has been building his 2013 Scion FRS, 'Baby LFA' for four years, bordering right on the edge of show car and race car. Baby LFA is boosted by the PTUNING turbo system, tuned to 321 wheel horsepower and 260 torque.

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Isaac Koduah

Isaac began building his 2005 Ap2 s2000 just over five years ago. In 2015, he took it up a notch and began installation of his iconic Amuse widebody kit which he runs today, supplement to his PTUNING turbo system (450 WHP).


Sapan Dhora

After topping off his PTUNING FRS at 440 WHP on E85 fuel, Sapan decided to move on from the 86 platform and had his eyes set on the newly reintroduced Alfa Romeo in the United States, more specifically the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia.


Ammar Guff Hussain

Guff owns a built 1994 Toyota Supra putting down 707 horsepower and 628 torque to the wheels. In 2016, Guff founded Albon Films, a group of filmmakers sharing their passion of cars through a series of video tutorials, reviews, and build progressions found here


Marcus Pyne

Marcus regularly competes in local and national-level autocross racing events in his race-prepared Subaru BRZ. Recently, Marcus has been finding great success in the STX class, winning several national SCCA events in a succession.